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Western Slope SDA CO Member Retreat Cancelled

August 24, 2015

Mary Hertert asked me to send out a note that the retreat next weekend is cancelled.  Turned out to be a busy weekend for many people.  She is planning to try again in the spring so stay tuned for more information.

Regina Benson Upcoming Solo Show, Water Marks, at The Ice Cube Gallery

August 20, 2015

Regina Benson’s ( recent work will be in her solo show, Water Marks, at the Ice Cube Gallery ( Key dates are:

September 17 – October 10, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, September 18, 5-9pm

Artist Talk and Demo: Saturday, September 26, 2pm

The Ice Cube Gallery is located at 3320 Walnut Street, Denver, CO.  The show is free to the public with ample free parking at the gallery.

Regina explores the environmental, social and historical issues surrounding the abundance and scarcity of water with her new 3-D and installation textile works. She creates an experience of rivers, sea sides, and tide pools: past, present and future – immersed in depths and revealed in cracked beds of forgotten waterfalls and eddies.

DrySpell_curve 2_small“Dry Spell”  36”H x 46”W x 6”D

Artist Statement on “Dry Spell”: I created this work in response to my flight over the Colorado River as it meanders from my home, through Arizona and on to Mexico. I see the rushing waters give way to stark, cracked surfaces with darkened paths of long gone water: sad, yet beautiful, reminders of our planet’s struggles with fresh water. Now NASA has captured images of those same cracked surfaces and dark paths on Mars. I wonder what happened to the flowing water there……..In my artistic practice, I am inspired by my surroundings and what I read in the philosophical and scientific literature.  I design my works to visually and conceptually capture some imagined moment. The surface design of this dimensional work, “Dry Spell”, was created by screen printing and painting polyester fabric with disperse dyes; then heat pressing, piecing, layering, burning and stitching to completion.

RBenson Eventide_small“Eventide” (diptych) 35″H x 85″W x 7″D

Artist Statement on “Eventide”: “Eventide” is a dimensional two-piece work that alludes to my many days gazing across open water, watching the last of the day’s light blend seamlessly with the watery surface. The view never fails to calm me and I feel at peace and one with this twilight panorama.

I created the surface of this work by dyeing polyester with disperse dyes, randomly pleating sections, heat pressing them and then unfolding them and heat pressing again: piecing, stitching, layering and burning the work to completion.

Update to SDA CO Members Retreat

August 16, 2015

Mary Hertert ( has sent an update on the retreat.  Please contact Mary with any questions or to RSVP.  Her contact information is:


PLEASE RESPOND BY AUGUST 21st even if you can’t come.
Announcing an invitation to members of SDA CO to come to Grand Junction for a 3-day retreat August 29th-31st. The cost is $60 for the weekend and I will help find places to stay for those coming over the mountain.
The format is loose – I have a full-service studio complete with steamers, washer/dryer, sinks, hang lines, stove, heat press and dyes for all fabrics and fibers. Members are welcome to bring their own supplies and if they have stuff to sell or share than bring that along as well. The way it works is we all come with some project in mind and then we’ll set up peer-to-peer information sharing so that we all can learn and experiment with something new and/or pass on our information to others. There are no classes, no instruction.
We meet for dinner on Friday night for whomever is coming in and then I’ll host a BBQ on either Saturday or Sunday evening. There is plenty of hiking, galleries and people to visit with for this most amazingly fun weekend. I hosted last year’s first retreat and Cottonwood reciprocated this year.
Please RSVP BY AUGUST 21st.

SDA CO Members Retreat in Grand Junction, Aug 29 – 31

August 1, 2015

Mary Hertert of Color Creek-Fiber Art is graciously setting up a retreat in her studio over Labor Day weekend. She hosted an incredibly successful retreat last year and wanted to bring local SDA members together again. Please email Mary with any questions or your RSVP.  For more details, please see the SDA Local Newsletter.

Please join us at Color Creek-Fiber Art for the 3rd SDA CO Members retreat August 29th-31st. Bring whatever supplies you wish to use, to share or to sell. The cost is $60 for the weekend to cover the expense of the shop including dyes and dye assists. Mary is happy to help find housing for those who request it. Call or email Mary for details.  Her contact information is:

Mary Hertert

(970) 778-5985

Featured Artist – Mary Hertert, Color Creek – Fiber Art

I have been part of Surface Design Association almost from day one in 1997 when I opened my dye studio. It is important to me that I be in an association and organization of people who do not have one medium but work across several. I am a silk painter but not exclusively. To me that means I am a dyer who uses silk painting to apply color and design. I am not a quilter although I use quilting techniques in my clothing. SDA gives me that wide spectrum of possibilities to choose from and a magnificent group of people who also don’t quite fit into “one mold”. That’s what I like best about SDA.

Mary painting silk at the Dye Day for the Dam in 2013. The scarf was a “group project” in every way. Young and old alike came to paint on the piece

Mary painting silk at the Dye Day for the Dam in 2013. The scarf was a “group project” in every way. Young and old alike came to paint on the piece

Mary’s artwork takes many forms but the fabric is always the foundation.  She creates everything from yardage for other people’s projects to yardage for installation pieces, furniture and clothing. The piece shown is a 5 yard silk crepe de chine using silk screening, discharge, gutta resist and stamping techniques.

Mary’s artwork takes many forms but the fabric is always the foundation. She creates everything from yardage for other people’s projects to yardage for installation pieces, furniture and clothing. The piece shown is a 5 yard silk crepe de chine using silk screening, discharge, gutta resist and stamping techniques.

Yoruba Adire Workshop at The Recycled Lamb

May 24, 2015

Gasali Adeyemo taught a Yoruba Adire workshop May 15 – 17 at The Recycled Lamb ( Yoruba adire are indigo resist dyed cotton fabrics using techniques of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. We focused on two different resist approaches: batik (wax resist) and tie dye.

We used paraffin and pieces of foam cut in the shape of a wide pencil to apply the wax resist. Because the paraffin is stiff, it can crack during the process and leave beautiful fine indigo veins in resist areas. Paraffin is very temperature sensitive and must be kept between 200 and 220°F. Too hot, the wax runs everywhere. Too cool and the wax coats the fabric surface but doesn’t penetrate (indigo wicks up from the back and defeats the resist).

Yoruba Adire WS_1

For tie dye, we used a variety of different resist materials: raffia, plastic packing string, dental floss and rug warp string. Raffia must be moist when wrapping. As it dries, it becomes brittle and breaks easily. Plastic packing string from an Oriental market worked really well. It was able to be pulled and stretched without breaking so the tie dye had beautiful resist areas. Waxed dental floss was good for stitching but had mixed results depending on whether the floss was easy glide or not. Easy glide floss slipped in the fabric making it difficult to pull tight. Rug warp string did well in most cases but had a tendency to break if pulled too much.

Indigo dyeing was amazing. Gasali brought Nigerian indigo balls made with indigo leaves and wood ash which he used for the dye pot. After dyeing and drying, the batik fabric was soaked in very hot water and powdered detergent to remove the wax. The resist materials for the tie dyed fabric were not removed until after the fabric was completely dried. Gasali does a final rinse with either a salt or vinegar solution to set the dye. One item to note, the type of cotton fabric made a difference. High thread count PFD fabric dyed better than other cottons. The resultant color was a richer deeper indigo.

The workshop was incredible and I would highly recommend it. I now have several new pieces of fabric for my next project!

Group Photo

Need Your Feedback
Monthly Meetings Anyone? I am looking for feedback on whether I should restart local SDA monthly meetings. Let me know your thoughts by sending me an email:

Featured Artist

If anyone would like to share about themselves and their art, please send me photographs (you and a representative piece of your work) and a brief description of one of your surface design techniques. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better.

Craft Book Sale in Loveland, May 8, 10am – 5pm and May 9, 10am – 4pm

April 26, 2015

Giant new and used craft book sale covering knitting, quilting, crochet, weaving, spinning, beading and more.  Sale includes a liquidation sale of the Interweave library, a collection compiled over more than 30 years.  Sale will take place at:

Historic First National Bank Building
Former home of Interweave Press
201 E. 4th Street

All proceeds will be donated to help support indigenous textile artisans and their families.  For more information, please contact Karen Brock 970-391-9711.

Fiber Celebrations Show

April 25, 2015

Shelly DeChantal shared the Fiber Celebration postcard.  The show starts May 1st at Tointon Gallery in Greeley.   Looks like Shelly’s embroidered marbled fabric piece is on the card (upper row, second from left). Enjoy!

Fiber Celebration 2015_fFiber Celebration 2015_b


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